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Welcome to the Input/Output Show!

Q: Where can you rant about a topic on audio without giving away your identity? A: Pretty much anywhere on the internet!

May 30, 2013 Game Audio, General, Podcast

Creating Sound Podcast: GDC 2013 Wrap-Up

The group finally gets a chance to sit down and speak for the first time together about their experiences and adventures from

April 09, 2013 Podcast

This Week In Audio – Back From The Future

  Knights of The Field Recording Round Table The folks at Tonebenders released a podcast (Episode: 7) focusing on the art of field recording guns and


Creating Sound Podcast Ep 2 – Michael Taylor

Yesterday I had the glorious opportunity to chat with Michael Taylor. We discussed his most recent released title: Min: A Space Adventure as well as

July 18, 2012 Podcast

Creating Sound Podcast Ep 1 – Benjie Freund

I had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with Benjie Freund of Hi-Res Studios and discuss Tribes: Ascend. In our 20 minute

June 14, 2012 Game Audio, Interviews, Podcast
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