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Audio and Design Team Collaborations – GameDesignCon2012 talk by Dren McDonald has posted a game audio talk by audio director/designer/composer Dren McDonald titled “That Magic Moment: When Design and Audio Make Music

November 14, 2012 Game Audio, General, Lectures

Adaptive Music in Vessel

  Leonard J Paul, Audio Director for Vessel and co-founder of the School of Video Game Audio has posted a video overview

October 02, 2012 Game Audio, General, Lectures, Videos

Procedural Audio Now

Andy Farnell drops some serious knowledge in a 2011 DAFx lecture. Check it out at topophonie. This is a great introduction to

July 21, 2012 Education, Game Audio, Lectures

The Wii Remote As Sound Design Tool

While the general trend for content creation in sound design has shifted towards software solutions, there’s still something to be said about

July 02, 2012 Lectures, Tutorials

The Right Tools for the Job

Randy Coppinger has started a new series of posts entitled: “The Right Tools For the Job” over on his website. The first post

June 29, 2012 Hardware, Lectures

Audio Evolution in Social Games – GDC Vault

The GDC Vault has opened up Dren McDonald‘s GDC 2012 talk entitled: “Audio Evolution in Social Games”. His talk is super-insightful into

June 22, 2012 Lectures, Videos

Headphones Mixing? Speakers Mixing? Both?

Go check out this article over at Audio Undone about headphone mixing. That age-old question we have all asked or seen asked many a

June 05, 2012 Books, Lectures, Tutorials

GDC 2012 Audio Lectures Now Available For Free

If you didn’t make it to GDC this year here’s your chance to get a glimpse at what you missed.  At the

April 09, 2012 Lectures
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