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Building a Custom Audio PC

CreatingSound comrade Alexandre Saba has a great blog post about his recent audio PC project. In the post Alexandre discusses the hardware needs for

December 11, 2012 General, Hardware

The Sound Design of Retro City Rampage

Overview Here is a quick tutorial that shows how I did two of the sounds in Retro City Rampage (RCR).  Over 95%


The VO Gear Of Battlefield 3  has an insightful interview with Tomas Danko, VO Producer at EA DICE. In the interview, Tomas gives a rundown of his

August 23, 2012 Game Audio, General, Hardware, Interviews

Ekdahl Moisturizer SFX Library

For those feeling dry and chafed by their current sound library, Sound Designer and Music Producer Jerrell James Suelto has released a

August 06, 2012 Hardware, Sound Effect Libraries

Zoom H2 Hacked To 4 Inputs

For those looking to get more out of their handy Zoom H2, Lifehacker has posted a mod which adds two extra inputs!

August 02, 2012 Field Recording, Hardware, Tutorials

A Guide to Popular Studio Headphones

There is a great guide over at SonicScoop about popular studio headphones. Justin Colletti breaks down the standards like the MDR-7056’s and Sennheiser HD-280

July 02, 2012 Hardware

The Right Tools for the Job

Randy Coppinger has started a new series of posts entitled: “The Right Tools For the Job” over on his website. The first post

June 29, 2012 Hardware, Lectures

MOTU Track 16

Are you a Windows user who is jealous of the Apogee Duet?  MOTU has you covered with their new Track 16 desktop

June 27, 2012 Hardware

Japan Field Recording Trip – Tim Prebble

Oover two weeks ago, Tim Prebble make this very insightful post on a field recording trip he took to Japan. I cannot recommend this

June 20, 2012 Field Recording, Hardware

How To Make Your Own Mic Blimp

I recently caught wind of Nathan Gallardo‘s guide to building your own microphone blimp for around £10 which can be found here. 

May 31, 2012 Hardware, Tutorials
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