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Epic Sound Guide to Sound Effects

I recently posted an older article that had some good sound design material and I am going to follow it up with


A Dyno Sessions Preview

I hadn’t originally planned to release this as it was just a test run, but since everyone in the community here has


New Sound Collector’s Club theme – Reactions: Small Crowd

The Sound Collector’s Club has a new theme:  Reactions: Small Crowd.   Like most SCC themes it is kind of specific idea or


Introduction to Binaural Sound Recording: London Sound Survey

Kudos to Hrishikesh Dani for bringing this blog post over at the London Sound Survey to my attention.  There is some great info

May 09, 2012 Field Recording

“Somewhere on the edge” Field Recording compilation released

For my first post on Creating Sound I am super-excited to post about this wonderful field recording compilation I just found out

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