Q: Where can you rant about a topic on audio without giving away your identity?

A: Pretty much anywhere on the internet!

BUT WAIT. What if someone misinterprets your message because s/he couldn’t hear it straight from your mouth hole? You know, with all the inflections and the mouth sounds and such? Happens all the time, right? Right?! RIGHT! That’s why we’ve created…



The premise is simple. Each week, we post a topic on audio. You call in and leave a message to our Skype account, INPUT.OUTPUT.AUDIO. We then collect, curate and post  the responses the following week. Using cutting-edge sound design technologies found only in our laboratories, however, we will mask the voices enough to retain anonymity*.

*Well, as best as we can. No absolute guarantees.

First TopicJournalists use of the phrase “bleeps and bloops” to describe audio in the games of yesteryear.

Example ResponseExample

It’s as simple as throwing your socks at the ceiling fan while it’s spinning!


This week’s topic:

Journalists use of the phrase “bleeps and bloops” to describe audio in the games of yesteryear.


  • Add and call to our Skype username, INPUT.OUTPUT.AUDIO, then wait 3-5 seconds for the generic voicemail message to pick up.

  • State the topic about which you’re calling but do not leave your name

  • Leave a message, but please keep it under 60 seconds in length

  • Call in by MONDAY, JUNE 3RD to have your message considered for posting.
  • If you’re having technical times, please email me: george@creatingsound.com


  • While we will do our best to mask your identity, we do not guarantee that it will be unrecognizable. Please keep this in mind when leaving your message.

  • We reserve the right to edit your voice for time and/or for fun.

  • George is really excited about this whole thing

Looking forward to hearing your messages!