Knights of The Field Recording Round Table

The folks at Tonebenders released a podcast (Episode: 7) focusing on the art of field recording guns and explosives. Everything from gear recommendations, mic placement and recording locations are covered.  Get ready for a field recording knowledge drop. Non-ProTip: If you only have 5 mics get 25 more and some condoms.



Holy 8-bit Manbat

We have certainly come a long way in game audio land. After watching the video below you will no longer be able to complain about your current audio limitations. VBlank Entertainment Inc takes us on a tour of what it was like to develop a true 8-bit version of Retro City Rampage. There is a fare amount of game design content in the video, but toward the end they reveal how they managed to fit 2.5 hours of music into about 1.5Mb, tools and all. Old school indeed.


UDK (Inverted Triple Salchow) Vertical Music System

Chris Latham from Enigne Audio  posted a follow up to the UDK Horizontal Music. This time we switch orientation and get the Vertical music system. Hooray for custom Kismet nodes, even if it does come with the price of Unreal script.



3D Audio 101

FMODTV has posted more Fmod Studio tutorials that cover some game audio fundamentals.  Take another trip with your Fmod sensei Stephan Schutze.


Goathelm Scream

And in late breaking news the comically/obnoxiously overused Wilhelm scream is being retired. You can now start baking the Goathelm scream into all of your sounds.