Greetings and salutations to all audio heroes around the world! May this post find your ears glistening with a thin coating of sweet & sonic honey sauce!

That is a weird mental image. Apologies.

Henrik Nåmark contacted me recently. You may know Henrik as the owner of this beloved web site, among his many other accomplishments. He told me that he was looking for someone that he could trust to take the reins of Creating Sound, and that I came to mind.

I did what any normal person would. I asked my wife what I should do. Then I asked her again. And again and again and again. And then I said yes.

So, hello everyone! I’m Ariel Gross, the new owner of Creating Sound. I’m the Studio Audio Director at Volition, a game developer in glorious Champaign, IL. I’ve been designing sounds and composing music professionally for about 17 years. I grew up in the demoscene writing mods and s3ms and such. If you want to know more about me, just hit me up. I am more than happy to regale you with fantastical tales about my life, if that is truly your freaky wish.

Before I dig into what’s coming up, I would be negligent if I did not acknowledge the efforts of the Creating Sound crew. This team of intrepid audio heroes were driven by the love of their craft to create something from nothing. I admire this. They are all volunteers. They do it because they love what they do. Therefore, I offer my congratulations and gratitude to Henrik, George, Bryan, Ellen, Roel, Christian, and every guest poster that has contributed to this site. Thank you for caring enough about sound to do something about it.

And that is a good segue into what I believe makes Creating Sound special. It is the people. There are other sites that curate audio-related content. And we love those sites, too. But there is only one with this specific crew, and that is Creating Sound. We’re super excited to continue to engage in meaningful discussions with you about sound.

So, what’s up with Creating Sound?

You can expect plenty of the same awesome content that you have grown to love. Lots of fun interviews, plenty of educational articles, and links to information that you care about. We also have some new ideas involving podcasts, tutorials, event coverage, free field recordings, and all sorts of other stuff.

I’d also like to hear from you, dear reader. What is the content that you’d like on the site? Do you want more about game audio? Do you want more about field recording? Film sound? Audio schools? Post mortems? We want to hear from you. Please comment on this post or get in touch with anyone on staff to tell us your opinions. We do this for you. We want you to be as much a part of this site as we are.

We’re starting the machine back up, friends! Follow us on Twitter @CreatingSound for the latest updates and drop by the site to check out what’s new.

I can’t wait to embark on this new adventure and I want you all here with me.


Ariel, your humble sysop

P.S. Rad super update time image courtesy of John Anderson Design.