3x5 Dustin Camilleri

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1) Using the word “sound” in each description (in any tense or plurality), list five points that describe yourself.

  • i employ sound fundamentals in both practice and leadership.
  • i am getting used to the sound of my own voice.
  • i am obsessed with sound.
  • most of what goes on inside my head sounds like part rave, part ceo board meeting and part romantic comedy.
  • my first name sounds unfortunately close to ‘justin’.

2) What are three accomplishments of which your five-year-old self would be proud?

  • every day, i get to make a living by doing something i thoroughly enjoy.
  • i am still playing soccer.
  • i have a dog.

3) What are five words that you hope will describe your future?

  • the future is right now.


1) In your opinion, what are four characteristics that an audiophile should have?

  • passion for sound. sound is a science, but it’s also an art – and success in art requires not only talent (although it helps), but unending passion.
  • attention to detail. loud is easy.. it’s the quiet, nuanced and often underappreciated moments that truly make a difference.
  • unquenchable thirst for knowledge. as soon as you think you’ve figured it all out, technology evolves and everything changes. an unrelenting drive to know what you do not is one of the best attributes anyone wishing to stay on the forefront of their field can wish to have.
  • problem solving skills. no project is the same as the last and the challenges of each day are completely unique. the ability to anticipate potential issues, think on your feet and solve problems efficiently will keep you working when others are not.

2) What are four aspects you’re listening for in other people’s work?

  • details.
  • storytelling.
  • dynamics.
  • innovation.

3) What are four aspects of your work that you hope people can hear?

  • see above 🙂


1) In three days’ time, you will have finished:

more work than i can keep track of.

2) In three months’ time, you hope to have finished:

a studio buildout including two audio suites, three editorial rooms, two CG suites, modern equipment, a cutting-edge network and storage infrastructure supporting both broadcast video and print production resources and space for up to 25 staff members.

3) In three decades’ time, you wish you would have:

learned, loved and returned the favor a hundred times over.


1) Who are two people playing in sound that you admire?

Carla Scaletti and Kurt Hebel, the two magnificent people behind Symbolic Sound.

2) What two projects of theirs do you admire?

(one for each) Kyma (Carla writes the software) and the Capybara/Paca(rana) (Kurt designs the hardware)

3) How might you sonically show your appreciation for them?

Creating a multidisciplinary piece using Kyma as the sole source of audio. This is in progress and hoping to be ready by KISS2013 🙂


1) Create a recording of yourself doing a sonic interpretation of this word: “Snarfblat”

2) After hearing yourself, how might you expect this sound to be used?

i’d expect it to be laughed at and passed around the internet as a terrible joke 🙂

3) How might you use the sound in an unexpected way?

chop it up and sequence it – turning a very strange vocalization into a unique rhythmic loop.

About the 3×5 Interview

The “3×5” is a non-traditional interview series that encourages creative and personal responses from its participants. While the core structure remains intact, I occasionally update the sets of questions to keep interviewees and readers engaged. Although the resultant replies of the participating audiophiles may be informative or instructive, my hope is that the interview will encourage conversation and a sense of camaraderie within the sound design community.