While the general trend for content creation in sound design has shifted towards software solutions, there’s still something to be said about a tactile approach through the incorporation of external hardware. That is, using devices like the Nintendo Wii Remote can generate  or shape audio to achieve compelling results.

In the video example below, James Caldwell demonstrates such an approach using the Wii Remote in tandem with Max/MSP and Osculator. While his design yields results that are desirable for musical composition, it is clear that many of the same principles could transfer for content creation in sound design. Using algorithmic parameters via Max/MSP, he states:

…I wanted to find ways to map physical gestures to musical sounds in some kind of intuitive way that makes kinetic and visual sense. Two different metaphors helped me map physical gesture to music.

If we swap out the term “music” for “sound design,” it’s clear that this combination becomes a powerful, creative tool.