Oh how we’ve been planning for this. Lucky for us Alexandre is such a nice guy and easy to talk to. Just the other day on Skype as we were talking about how to set up the week. George disappeared due to a bad connection so all that was left was me and Alexandre. I think we spent more than 30 minutes talking about the Quebec sovereignty movement compared to the Sami people in northern Scandinavia. We came to the conclusion that…wait a minute, this isn’t my personal blog…

Hrm, so what I was about to do was to present the Alexandre Saba week. The Creating Sound team has been looking forward to it and I hope you have too. Don’t know who Alexandre Saba is? Check out his blog. I think I’ll let the rest unfold during the week.

Jack Menhorn will be filling the void with some interesting stuff . It could be a new podcast with an awesome guy. Perhaps.

Bryan Ploof had planned to start his new interview series this week.  As it turned out to be quite crowded, he decided to wait until next week. The name of the series is yet to be determined but it will focus on students and the state of sound design education.

Thank you all for the continued support! It keeps us motivated to keep bringing you new material. Any wishes or contributions? Feel free to let us know.

All the best!

//Henrik Nåmark AKA Reachground