About 3 weeks ago Rob Bridgett posted up a great look at the upcoming FMOD Studio. The interview with Firelight Technologies’ Raymond Biggs is rather insightful. Blurb in 3..2…1…:

Firstly, thanks for taking the time out from your busy schedule to chat. Could you give us a brief overview to FMOD Studio and where it sits in the lineage of FMOD.

My pleasure! FMOD Studio is our next-generation sound design, composition and production tool for games, and it’s the successor to FMOD Designer. It’s a completely new tool that draws its inspiration from DAW workflow but is tailored to games. Hopefully this means that if you’ve used a DAW before, you’ll immediately be comfortable working with FMOD Studio.

Reducing the learning curve was one of our major goals for Studio. We wanted newcomers to get up and running quickly, but also make features progress logically so you can easily discover how to do something without resorting to the manual. A major part of this is using familiar terms and concepts.

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