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1) Starting with the word “one” and increasing by increments of one thereafter, list 5 points that describe yourself.

  • one apple a day…
  • two rainbows makes me sound crazy
  • three plugins is all I need
  • four trainings a week, rain, snow or shine
  • five days isn’t enough

2) If you could have a five-finger discount on any piece of software, what would it be?


3) Describe what the number 5 would sound like if it were in human form.

5 looks red and red sounds harsh. Probably needs a de-esser as well.


1) If you were to replace one of the Beatles, who would it be? Who would you put in his place?

Paul McCartney with Michael Jackson and rename the group to The Beat Its.

2) What are your four favorite sound design tools?

Human voice, Portable recorders, DSP, Automation

3) Finish the countdown: 4…3…2…1…



1) What are three reasons you’re working with sound?

When done right, it’s the greatest thing on earth!

It sways peoples emotions.

One day get a 3×5 interview.

2) Of the following, what would you buy if you had a spare $100 and why? 3-piece suit, 3 super cheap mics, 3 blind mice?

3 super cheap mics hoping they’re “cheap” because they’re on sale.

3) What are three games that are your go-to examples for great sound design?


Half- Life 2

Mass Effect, all of them


1) Two issues that invariably come up when working are…

Things break

Roadmap changes

2) What are two pieces of advice you would give to someone eager to get into sound design?

Make your demo sound better than the people you’re sending them to.

Don’t tell them it’s better.

3) Finish the line: “Two sound designers walk into a bar…”

One of them puts earplugs in, the other gets shit faced and laughs.


1) Name one sound design task that could be improved with technology.


2) “This one time, I was working on a project and…”

Everything went to plan.

3) What is the first thing you do after completing a project?

Vacation, I need a vacation.

About the 3×5 Interview

The “3×5” is a non-traditional interview series that encourages creative and personal responses from its participants. While the core structure remains intact, I occasionally update the sets of questions to keep interviewees and readers engaged. Although the resultant replies of the participating audiophiles may be informative or instructive, my hope is that the interview will encourage conversation and a sense of camaraderie within the sound design community.