Oover two weeks ago, Tim Prebble make this very insightful post on a field recording trip he took to Japan. I cannot recommend this post enough. Time for a blurb:

And a philosophical sidenote for anyone who has made it this far…. Believe me when I say this, there are far more “convenient” ways of recording useable sound than what I am evolving… One pair of mics and a single recorder means you end up with what you get – a single point of view or perspective. But its a long way to go, to experience & record sound in only 2 dimensions. What interests me is multi faceted: capturing the moment, capturing aspects of the spatial dimension and then, choosing what to do with it all afterwards, when it is in context. A single recorder and a pair of mics would be so much easier to travel with… but if such things were ‘easy’ and convenience was the primary goal then anyone could do it (& they’d likely turn up with a portable recorder with built in mics or an iPhone app)

In case you miss the links in his post, make sure to aslo check out Hide Aoki and NSSJP for some great Japanese field recording.

And case you missed the blog link the first time. Here you go.