Gamasutra has a cool article by Tristian Donovan called: “10 Tips: The Creation and Integration of Audio”.¬† It’s got some great nuggets of wisdom such as:

PopCap’s sonic approach is to have sound effects that support the game’s design, says the company’s audio director Guy Whitmore. “The sound is always communicating something specific to the player that’s very important to how you play the game,” he says.

One example is how musical notes are used to signal progress in its recent Facebook game¬†Solitaire Blitz, says PopCap’s audio producer Becky Allen. “In the game multipliers are given for 10-card runs. When the player plays the seventh card in a row without interruption, a note on the glockenspiel is played. A different note is then played on the eighth card, then another different note on the ninth, creating a small three-note melody that plays well with the music. This progression of glockenspiel tones informs the player that they are progressing and on the right path.”

The article is the first in a new series, so keep an eye on Gamasutra for more!