We’ve been trying to hide it for a while but since rumours started spredding we decided to come clean. Creating Sound <3 Track Time Audio.

Naturally the thing we love most about cars is the sound. And since David Nichols at Track Time Audio (TTA) feels the same way it was only a matter of time before this love affair started.

The hours David puts in on the site is really admirable. I’ve also been watching the progress of his Kickstarter project which is ~$300 $0 from being fully funded with six days to go. I’d love for this project to make it. If you feel the same as me it’s really easy to help him out. $50 is where it starts to get really interesting since that makes you eligible for everything he records. If you donate $250 you also get to put a banner on the Track Time Audio site.

Even though our main focus this week is TTA we might have some days without car material. Lucky for you Jack Menhorn has some sound design news up his sleeve to fill up the gap. This is the first time we have a week dedicated to someone and if everything works out we might have something planned for the future as well.