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3x5 Kyle Vande Slunt 0

3×5 Interview With Kyle Vande Slunt (Standing Wave)

Website | Twitter: @standingwave IN FIVES 1) In exactly five sentences, give us what you feel is important biographical information about your sonic background. As a

December 09, 2013 General, Interviews
megaphone 0

Welcome to the Input/Output Show!

Q: Where can you rant about a topic on audio without giving away your identity? A: Pretty much anywhere on the internet! BUT WAIT. What

May 30, 2013 Game Audio, General, Podcast
Power-Up App (650) 1

Portrait of a Collaboration: PowerUp App

Co-Written By George Hufnagl & Jacob Van Order I absolutely adore collaborations. Be they with game developers, animators, fellow audiophiles or creatives of any stripe,

March 09, 2013 Creativity, Game Audio, Videos
3x5 Rodney Gates & Gary Miranda (650x400) 3

3×5(x2) Interview with Rodney Gates & Gary Miranda

Planet Side 2’s Website | Rodney on Twitter | Gary on Twitter Rodney’s Planetside 2 Video Footage: “I like this distant-perspective video a player made.” INTRODUCTIONS IN FIVES 1) What are

February 25, 2013 Interviews
3x5 Mark Kilborn 1

3×5 Interview with Mark Kilborn

Mark Kilborn’s Website | Mark on Twitter Start at 1 min 4 seconds: INTRODUCTIONS IN FIVES 1) Using the word “sound” in each description (in

November 12, 2012 Interviews
ctrp 4

The Sound Design of Retro City Rampage

Overview Here is a quick tutorial that shows how I did two of the sounds in Retro City Rampage (RCR).  Over 95% of the sounds

Basic RGB 0

Ekdahl Moisturizer SFX Library

For those feeling dry and chafed by their current sound library, Sound Designer and Music Producer Jerrell James Suelto has released a unique and free

August 06, 2012 Hardware, Sound Effect Libraries
3x5 TJ Slater 1

3×5 Interview with Thomas James Slater

Thomas James Slater’s Website | TJ on Twitter BIOGRAPHY IN FIVES 1) Please describe five things about yourself that help frame your journey into sound

July 30, 2012 Interviews
CS_BoomLibdiscount_01 0

Boom Library Gives 20% Off On Everything

Time to grow the library again. From now until July 31, Boom Library has 20% off on all libraries. 2 years ago, we started with

July 25, 2012 Sound Effect Libraries
3x5 Ellen Juhlin 0

3×5 Interview with Ellen Juhlin

Ellen Juhlin’s Website | Ellen on Twitter BIOGRAPHY IN FIVES 1) Please describe five things about yourself that help frame your journey into sound design.

July 17, 2012 Interviews
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