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Wwise Demo Reel Course – Review

During the week of October 15th, Creating Sound featured the School of Video Game Audio (SoVGA) with Leonard J Paul. Unbeknownst to most of you, I

November 01, 2012 Education, Game Audio, Software
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Featured Students Page for the School of Video Game Audio

We are pleased to announce on the launch of our “Featured Students” page to highlight the projects of the students who have completed courses

October 18, 2012 Education, Game Audio, General, Jobs
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Introduction to the School of Video Game Audio

October 19th is the next application deadline for the November-December 2012 term for the online School of Video Game Audio so I thought that I’d

October 17, 2012 Education, Game Audio
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Featuring School of Video Game Audio

When we have features I usually post an intro and a welcome the day before the week starts. Unfortunately I’ve been sick this weekend and

October 16, 2012 Education, Game Audio
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3×5 Interview with Leonard J Paul

Leonard J Paul’s Website | Leonard on Twitter INTRODUCTIONS IN FIVES 1) Using the word “sound” in each description (in any tense or plurality), list

October 15, 2012 Interviews
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