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Mysterious Audioyssey: Part 2

It seemed like it was just a few months ago (because it was just a few months ago) that Henrik asked me

July 19, 2012 General

Creating Sound Podcast Ep 2 – Michael Taylor

Yesterday I had the glorious opportunity to chat with Michael Taylor. We discussed his most recent released title: Min: A Space Adventure as well as

July 18, 2012 Podcast

Creating Sound Podcast Ep 1 – Benjie Freund

I had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with Benjie Freund of Hi-Res Studios and discuss Tribes: Ascend. In our 20 minute

June 14, 2012 Game Audio, Interviews, Podcast

Creating Laser Sounds with Native Instruments’ Massive

I got a lot of positive feedback from my How to Make R2-D2 Sounds in Massive video so I thought I would

June 14, 2012 Tutorials, Videos

How to Create the Sound of R2-D2 from Star Wars

I recently found myself trying to make droid sounds for a Wwise project I am working on and came across this video.  Now unfortunately

May 17, 2012 Film Sound, Software, Tutorials

Destructoid Exclusive: Meet Diablo III’s sound team

Jayson Napolitano of Destructoid has a fantastic article up about the Diablo III sound team. Diablo III’s Sound Supervisor is Joseph Lawrence. I’ll

May 16, 2012 Game Audio, Interviews

Introduction to Binaural Sound Recording: London Sound Survey

Kudos to Hrishikesh Dani for bringing this blog post over at the London Sound Survey to my attention.  There is some great info

May 09, 2012 Field Recording
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