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Sonic Backgrounds – Year 1 Review

A year ago today, Sonic Backgrounds was released as an interview series that focused on audio degree graduates and the curriculum they


Sonic Backgrounds – Sean Clouser

Fade In Name: Sean Clouser Age: 32 Company (or Freelance): Freelance for now.. will work for food Did you attend school for


Sonic Backgrounds – Naila Burney

Fade In Name: Naila Burney Company (or Freelance): Freelance Did you attend school for an audio-related degree?  If so, what school and


Creating Sound Podcast: GDC 2013 Wrap-Up

The group finally gets a chance to sit down and speak for the first time together about their experiences and adventures from

April 09, 2013 Podcast

An Interview with Nicolas Fournel

Nicolas Fournel is an audio programmer, and founder of “tsugi” (, a company based in Japan that does R&D (including tools development)


An Interview with Rob Bridgett

We talk with Rob Bridgett about culture, craft, and coffee!