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A Guide to Popular Studio Headphones

There is a great guide over at SonicScoop about popular studio headphones. Justin Colletti¬†breaks down the standards like the MDR-7056’s and¬†Sennheiser HD-280 Pro’s. This is

July 02, 2012 Hardware
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Cloudlifter CL-Z Review

Audio nerd Dren McDonald has posted up a detailed and comprehensive review of the Cloudlifter CL-Z mic activator. Lately, I find myself quickly skimming a

May 15, 2012 Hardware
How a Shotgun_microphone works 0

How a Shotgun Microphone Works

Randy Coppinger is obsessed with microphones. He collects them, takes pictures of them and posts to social networks about them. Needless to say, he knows

April 06, 2012 Hardware
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