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This Week In Audio – Back From The Future

  Knights of The Field Recording Round Table The folks at Tonebenders released a podcast (Episode: 7) focusing on the art of field recording guns and


Introduction to the School of Video Game Audio

October 19th is the next application deadline for the November-December 2012 term for the online School of Video Game Audio so I

October 17, 2012 Education, Game Audio

A Closer Look At FMOD Studio

About 3 weeks ago Rob Bridgett posted up a great look at the upcoming FMOD Studio. The interview with Firelight Technologies’ Raymond Biggs

July 05, 2012 Interviews, Software

Creating the sound for LA Noire

Kpow Audio worked on the sound design for LA Noire. The duo has been kind enough to share an interactive overview of

April 10, 2012 Game Audio
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