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3×5 Interview With Kyle Vande Slunt (Standing Wave)

Website | Twitter: @standingwave IN FIVES 1) In exactly five sentences, give us what you feel is important biographical information about your sonic

December 09, 2013 General, Interviews

This Week In Audio – Back From The Future

  Knights of The Field Recording Round Table The folks at Tonebenders released a podcast (Episode: 7) focusing on the art of field recording guns and


Field Recording Cannons for Assassin’s Creed 3

  Watson Wu Studios has a video diary of the the cannon field recordings captured for Assassin’s Creed 3. Check it out

October 30, 2012 General, Videos

Stealth Field Recording

Paul Virostek over at has posted some great tips for achieving quality stealth field recordings. Instead of the standard bulky recording

August 20, 2012 Field Recording, General

Zoom H2 Hacked To 4 Inputs

For those looking to get more out of their handy Zoom H2, Lifehacker has posted a mod which adds two extra inputs!

August 02, 2012 Field Recording, Hardware, Tutorials

HISSandaROAR pre-Launch Sale

Come on down to for the first ever HISSandaROAR sale!  Get up to 50% off on Tim Prebble quality SFX libraries.


3×5 Interview With Alexandre Saba

Alexandre Saba’s Website | Alexandre on Twitter IN FIVES 1) Starting with the word “one” and increasing by increments of one thereafter,

July 09, 2012 Interviews

Japan Field Recording Trip – Tim Prebble

Oover two weeks ago, Tim Prebble make this very insightful post on a field recording trip he took to Japan. I cannot recommend this

June 20, 2012 Field Recording, Hardware

3×5 Interview with Ben Crossbones

Ben Crossbones’ Website | Crossbones on Twitter IN FIVES 1) In exactly five sentences, give us what you feel is important biographical

June 04, 2012 Interviews

Epic Sound Guide to Sound Effects

I recently posted an older article that had some good sound design material and I am going to follow it up with

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