We’ve all heard it, “stock audio sucks!” Well, that was probably true many years ago, but as time passed it evolved and became what it is today – awesome, horrible and everything in between. If you’ve been following the development of stock audio you’ll know that today it’s possible to get professional sound effects from Ric Viers’ Sound Effects Bible, Hollywood Edge and Sound Ideas to name a few. On top of that you’ll find assets from indie audio producers that don’t want to, or don’t know how, to distribute their sound effects themselves.

Stock sound effects are a great way to find those gems that you won’t find anywhere else. Sometimes you have to dig deep but it usually pays off.

Audiojungle is a bit special in the sense that their main focus is music. They’re also a bit picky about what sounds they allow on their site. In a way it’s good since the marketplace isn’t flooded with 5000 water sounds but it also limits variations of certain sounds. Buyers can choose between regular or extended licenses, which is dependent of usage. Sellers can either be exclusive or non-exclusive which determines the percentage rates.

Audiomicro hosts more than 225,000 music tracks and sound effects, with sfx being representing more than half.  Buyers can choose between paying per download or a monthly subscription package.  Audiomicro offers downloadable free sound effects but only for personal use. Sellers earn 50% of each sale which is basically standard in the stock market. If you choose to sell your sound effects via Audiomicro be aware that they don’t allow watermarked previews, which of course makes it easier for pirates.

Besides sound effects and music, Pond5 offers stock video, photos, illustrations and After Effects Projects. Their sound effects library reaches well over 200,000, which is more than twice as many as their stock music files. Pond5 don’t offer any subscription packages for buyers but you can purchase pre-paid credits that will be valid for one year. Sellers earn 50% of each purchase and the watermark is added automatically. As a seller you can set your own price with a minimum of $2.