Game Audio Forum

Game Audio Forum has been around since 2006. With more than 1500 members it has the potential to have many interesting discussions. Unfortunately the amount of updated topics are scarce with a handful of people being active.

Game Audio Network Guild

As well as being the largest community in Game Audio, G.A.N.G. also has a forum. You have to pay a small yearly fee to get access but it’s well worth it. Instead of trolls you’re met by a helpful and dedicated community that’s not afraid to answer both beginner and advanced questions. is, as the name indicates, a forum for game developers. One section is dedicated to music and sound. Nate Madsen does a great job moderating the subsection which has a moderate amount of activity.

Social Sound Design

Not really a group or a forum but a valuable resource nevertheless. Ask questions about sound design, or why not answer them? This well visited Q&A site is well worth a visit.

Yahoo Groups – Game Audio Pro

Game Audio Pro is a Yahoo Group with over 1800 members which covers both music and sounds design. Despite the name anybody interested in game audio is welcome to join.

Yahoo Groups – Sound Design

This Yahoo Group, with a focus on Sound Design for linear and interactive media, has over 3000 members. You have to apply to be able to chime in but that is merely to keep spammers and bots out.