Designing Sound

Designing Sound was founded by Miguel Isaza in 2009 and later merged with Filmsound Daily.  It is collectively run by a team of eight sound designers.

Dynamic Interference

Dynamic Interference, run by Shaun Farley, used to host the Sound Design Challenge.  The Challenge has since moved to Designing Sound, but Shaun keeps writing about all things audio.

Field Sepulchra

Michael Raphael is a field recordist that writes about the recordings he takes from the world around him.

Music of Sound

When Tim Prebble isn’t working on films, tutoring virtual interns, expanding his sound effect library or any of the other thousand projects he’s involved in, he blogs.  He also manages to post almost every day.

Sonic Terrain

Miguel Isaza is a very important part of the sound design community. His efforts gave us Designing Sound, and a few years later Sonic Terrain. This time around the focus is on field recording and everything related to it.

The Sound Collectors’ Club

The Sound Collector’s Club is not a regular blog. About every month a new theme is selected by Michael Maroussas, and serves as a common ground for participants in a challenge.  The recordings are uploaded to Soundcloud and shared with those who joined the crowdsourcing.

The Sound My Head Makes

René Coronado’s head makes noices. Since we can’t hear it he shares that with us in words via his blog.