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Audio and Design Team Collaborations – GameDesignCon2012 talk by Dren McDonald has posted a game audio talk by audio director/designer/composer Dren McDonald titled “That Magic Moment: When Design and Audio Make Music Together”.  The talk

November 14, 2012 Game Audio, General, Lectures
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Adaptive Music in Vessel

  Leonard J Paul, Audio Director for Vessel and co-founder of the School of Video Game Audio has posted a video overview of the adaptive

October 02, 2012 Game Audio, General, Lectures, Videos
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Procedural Audio Now

Andy Farnell drops some serious knowledge in a 2011 DAFx lecture. Check it out at topophonie. This is a great introduction to the history of

July 21, 2012 Education, Game Audio, Lectures
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The Wii Remote As Sound Design Tool

While the general trend for content creation in sound design has shifted towards software solutions, there’s still something to be said about a tactile approach through

July 02, 2012 Lectures, Tutorials
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The Right Tools for the Job

Randy Coppinger has started a new series of posts entitled: “The Right Tools For the Job” over on his website. The first post in the series

June 29, 2012 Hardware, Lectures
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Audio Evolution in Social Games – GDC Vault

The GDC Vault has opened up Dren McDonald‘s GDC 2012 talk entitled: “Audio Evolution in Social Games”. His talk is super-insightful into the audio workflow

June 22, 2012 Lectures, Videos
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Headphones Mixing? Speakers Mixing? Both?

Go check out this article over at Audio Undone about headphone mixing. That age-old question we have all asked or seen asked many a times. “Should I

June 05, 2012 Books, Lectures, Tutorials
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GDC 2012 Audio Lectures Now Available For Free

If you didn’t make it to GDC this year here’s your chance to get a glimpse at what you missed.  At the GDC Vault you

April 09, 2012 Lectures
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