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A Few Things I’ve Learned In Six Years

Written by Josh Davidson

December 02, 2013 Game Audio
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Wait Your Turn (VO Session Tips)

In light of the recent SUPER UPDATE TIME, the group has talked about doing shorter blog posts. After all, we’re not a large group and writing long

September 11, 2013 Creativity, Game Audio, VO
Sonic Backgrounds - Year 1 Map 3

Sonic Backgrounds – Year 1 Review

A year ago today, Sonic Backgrounds was released as an interview series that focused on audio degree graduates and the curriculum they learned.  Since then,

Sonic Backgrounds - Sean Clouser 2

Sonic Backgrounds – Sean Clouser

Fade In Name: Sean Clouser Age: 32 Company (or Freelance): Freelance for now.. will work for food Did you attend school for an audio-related degree?

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Welcome to the Input/Output Show!

Q: Where can you rant about a topic on audio without giving away your identity? A: Pretty much anywhere on the internet! BUT WAIT. What

May 30, 2013 Game Audio, General, Podcast
Who Are We Catering To 4

Who Are We Catering To?

Written by Alexandre Saba, Senior Sound Designer at Funcom. I had the opportunity to attend GDC this year and to meet some of the people

April 24, 2013 Creativity, Game Audio
Sonic Backgrounds - Naila Burney 2

Sonic Backgrounds – Naila Burney

Fade In Name: Naila Burney Company (or Freelance): Freelance Did you attend school for an audio-related degree?  If so, what school and degree? School: Universidad

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Why Isn’t Audio Involved From The Start?

There are many questions that burn inside of audio designers. You can hear us wailing and gnashing our teeth. Why didn’t I check the expiration

April 17, 2013 Game Audio
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An Interview with Nicolas Fournel

Nicolas Fournel is an audio programmer, and founder of “tsugi” (, a company based in Japan that does R&D (including tools development) for video games,

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