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Aesthetic Mixing & Sound Lenses

Written by Rob Bridgett


Sound Effects to Improve Sound Design has blog series by sound designer David Sonnenschein that covers the fundamentals of using sound effects in the sound design process. This is a great

October 14, 2012 Books, Education, Film Sound, General

Field Recordings and The Musical Fabric of Looper

Composer Nathan Johnson has posted a video that shows the design process for scoring the film Looper. Through the use of field recordings, Johnson creates

October 04, 2012 Field Recording, Film Sound, General

HISSandaROAR pre-Launch Sale

Come on down to for the first ever HISSandaROAR sale!  Get up to 50% off on Tim Prebble quality SFX libraries. Discount codes can


The Alien Sounds of ‘Prometheus’

Making the Twitter rounds is this article on the audio of Promethius.  The article is pretty hardcore and lacking generic statements so common to some

June 07, 2012 Film Sound, General, Interviews

Everyday Cars – Boom Library

The good people over at Boom Library are running a 20% preorder campaign for their Cars – Everday Cars library which comes out July 2nd.


Epic Sound Guide to Sound Effects

I recently posted an older article that had some good sound design material and I am going to follow it up with another!  Many people


How to Create the Sound of R2-D2 from Star Wars

I recently found myself trying to make droid sounds for a Wwise project I am working on and came across this video.  Now unfortunately I don’t have

May 17, 2012 Film Sound, Software, Tutorials

SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of The Avengers

Here’s a great video featuring The Avenger’s Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Christopher Boyes.  Super-thanks to Michael Coleman and Soundworks Collection for putting this video together!

May 11, 2012 Film Sound, Interviews, Videos

Johan Jessen – The Future Sounds Bright

Making the rounds on Twitter’s #gameaudio hashtag is this wonderful post by Johan Jessen on audio in interactive design.  There are some great videos and

May 10, 2012 Film Sound, Game Audio
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