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New Book on Digital Signal Processing

Written by Will Pirkle, “Designing Audio Effects in C++ with Digital Audio Signal Processing Theory” introduces the reader to the theory behind DSP and how

November 19, 2012 Audio Programming, Books
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The Sound Design of Retro City Rampage

Overview Here is a quick tutorial that shows how I did two of the sounds in Retro City Rampage (RCR).  Over 95% of the sounds


Sound Effects to Improve Sound Design has blog series by sound designer David Sonnenschein that covers the fundamentals of using sound effects in the sound design process. This is a great

October 14, 2012 Books, Education, Film Sound, General
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The Fat Man on Game Audio now on Amazon Kindle

When I was starting out in Game Audio many years ago it was recommended to me that I pick up The Fat Man’s book. It offered

June 15, 2012 Books, Game Audio
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Headphones Mixing? Speakers Mixing? Both?

Go check out this article over at Audio Undone about headphone mixing. That age-old question we have all asked or seen asked many a times. “Should I

June 05, 2012 Books, Lectures, Tutorials
Rob Bridgett - From the Shadows of Film Sound 0

From the Shadows of Film Sound on sale at Blurb

As soon as From the Shadows of Film Sound by Rob Bridgett was released I ordered it from Blurb. It’s a great read, and at

April 26, 2012 Books, Film Sound, Game Audio
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