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How a Shotgun Microphone Works

Randy Coppinger is obsessed with microphones. He collects them, takes pictures of them and posts to social networks about them. Needless to

April 06, 2012 Hardware

Join Sound Collectors’ Club at Half Price

Season 2012-13 is starting at The Sound Collectors’ Club. The membership fee is only £10 until the end of May. Creating Sound

April 05, 2012 Crowdsourcing

Blizzard looking for an Assistant Sound Designer

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for an Assistant Sound Designer to work on their Next-Gen MMO. Already back in 2007 there were speculations

April 03, 2012 Jobs

New SFX Library from BOOM: Dogs

Boom Library just released Dogs. From their website: The wait is finally over. We’re back with our next release and this is

April 02, 2012 Sound Effect Libraries

Launching Creating Sound

Many years ago, when I started pursuing a career in sound design, I went looking for information where we usually go first

March 31, 2012 General
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