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Everyday Cars – Boom Library

The good people over at Boom Library are running a 20% preorder campaign for their Cars – Everday Cars library which comes


How To Make Your Own Mic Blimp

I recently caught wind of Nathan Gallardo‘s guide to building your own microphone blimp for around £10 which can be found here. 

May 31, 2012 Hardware, Tutorials

Epic Sound Guide to Sound Effects

I recently posted an older article that had some good sound design material and I am going to follow it up with


Memorable & Iconic Game Sounds

This might be an older article but it is still definitely worth taking a look at.  Over at The Sonic Spread is a

May 25, 2012 Game Audio

Nine Volt Audio – Free Guitaret Plugin

The good people over at Nine Volt Audio are giving away a solo guitaret Kontakt patch for freesies!  From the Nine Volt

May 24, 2012 Software

OP-1 in Halo 4 Soundscape

If you’re anything like me you have been coveting Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 since before they even released a few of them for a


Learn Max for Live – Create Digital Music

If you are like me and own Ableton Live and are still on the fence about grabbing Max for Live then this

May 18, 2012 Software, Videos

How to Create the Sound of R2-D2 from Star Wars

I recently found myself trying to make droid sounds for a Wwise project I am working on and came across this video.  Now unfortunately

May 17, 2012 Film Sound, Software, Tutorials

Destructoid Exclusive: Meet Diablo III’s sound team

Jayson Napolitano of Destructoid has a fantastic article up about the Diablo III sound team. Diablo III’s Sound Supervisor is Joseph Lawrence. I’ll

May 16, 2012 Game Audio, Interviews

Cloudlifter CL-Z Review

Audio nerd Dren McDonald has posted up a detailed and comprehensive review of the Cloudlifter CL-Z mic activator. Lately, I find myself

May 15, 2012 Hardware
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