Creating Sound was launched in March, 2012, by Henrik Nåmark. He found it was hard to locate quality information about sound design online after pursuing a career in audio for games. After years of gathering resources, something had to be done. Having a teacher’s heart, he couldn’t just keep them to himself. Thus, Creating Sound was born.

The idea is simple: Creating Sound exists to openly share resources available online for sound designers, while keeping the readers updated with the latest news in the community.

Henrik passed the torch to Ariel Gross in February, 2013, making him the second and current sysop of Creating Sound.

George Hufnagl

Moving composition from the concert hall to the virtual world since 2009, George has sought to expand his skill and aesthetic base through collaborations in interactive and visual media. Working as in-house composer sound designer for Publications International as well as a freelancing with music and sound, he has continued to expand on that goal as both sound designer and producer.

Through the completion of dozens of projects for PC, iOS, browser-based media and children’s electronics, he continues to seek out new opportunities, experiences and collaborations through community.

Bryan Ploof

The youngest of the Creating Sound team, Bryan is a student at the University of California, Irvine, where he is finishing his degree in Computer Science. Programming only serves as a background though, as his main interests are in sound design, field recording, and voice acting.

At UCI, he’s been part of the Video Game Development Club, co-founded a student-run game company, Thunderfish Entertainment, and collaborated with student filmmakers on their short projects. Always interested in meeting more of the audio community, he hopes to continue making great connections and new friends.

Roel Sanchez A chemist turned technical sound designer, Roel has a passion for all things game audio. With a fondness for programming tools and implementation, he recently landed a position at Volition, Inc. as an in-house audio designer where he works with a talented audio team, making kick-ass audio for open world AAA games. He looks forward to collaborating and sharing his enthusiasm with the audio community.



Christian Floisand

Christian Floisand is currently combining his passions for how things sound (audio) and how things work (programming). In fact, he holds degrees in both areas with a BSc in computer science, a BMus in composition from the University of Calgary, and a MMus in composition from the University of Toronto. If a binary tree returns null when no one is around, does it raise an exception?



Ariel Gross

Ariel has been in love with audio since he received his first ears at the ripe age of 12 years old. He still remembers the day that he received them. They came in a small, ear-shaped package. The package was wrapped with a ribbon made from the flesh of a thousand ears.

WOW. Sorry. See, this is what happens when I write about myself in third person. I tend to just let it flow in order to avoid the risk of a serious blockage. But the bit at the beginning about being in love with all things audio, that part is good.


Henrik Nåmark

The grandfather of Creating Sound has been producing audio for games since 2008. As of today the music and sound effects can be heard in more than 20 games, trailers and other interactive productions. On top of that, several award winning indie games like You Have to Burn the Rope.

With his innate entrepreneurial soul Henrik always starts new projects. Besides his company website he’s also creating stylizing tutorials and video commentaries on his YouTube channel.