Dear audio friends hither and yon, it has been a while since we last spoke.

We hope that you miss us as fondly as we miss you. But don’t fret! We have excuses reasons.

We thought it would be a good time to give you a packet of catch-you-up, or catch-up, or ketchup.

I started last time, so I’ll go last this time.

Bryan’s Ketchup

The past few months have been a real change-up in my normal schedule. In June, I walked at Commencement, ending my time at UC Irvine, save for two classes over the summer. I then moved home, while commuting to those classes. Now that summer is over, though, I’m done and have finished my B.S. in Computer Science!

The majority of my summer was spent on the two classes (Compilers and Cryptography…), and reaching out to others to learn how to do freelance sound design before I find an entry-level job. Outside of that hunt, I celebrated the one-year anniversary of Sonic Backgrounds, made my fourth music video (PVC pipes this time!), bought a 3DS to celebrate graduation, and became a certified bartender!

Overall, I’ve now entered into the “fresh college graduate” category, meaning it’s all about the job hunt, and taking all sorts of opportunities. Excited to see where this path takes me!

George’s Ketchup

The past few months have been a flurry of audio activity! In addition to working on several apps, games, and various side projects, one of the recent highlights has been working with fellow CS’er, Christian, on our app, Pocket Audio Tools. Starting with a brief exchange of ideas on Twitter to full production soon after, it was our first of hopefully many partnerships. We have plans to support this “Swiss Army Knife” or audio tools for the next year and are open to feedback from the community. You can learn more about the app and see it in action with my hands-on demo over at 148 apps.

Christian’s Ketchup

Over here in programming land, things have been full of activity and learning and fun (in no particular order). At the last Super Update, George and I had just begun work on an audio toolset app that got its start over a seemingly conventional Twitter conversation. The app is now completed and released on iOS (currently on version 1.1.2). Though most of the programming challenges involved UI and usability-related matters, I did get the chance to write a tone generator to include in the app, for which I interfaced directly with Audio Units, the lowers audio layer on the iPhone. It’s been a great learning and collaborative experience, and we both look forward to support and expand the app further.

In other audio programming news, I was contacted by a company to write reverb code that would be included in an A/D unit. Sadly, this occurred just as I was leaving on vacation for two weeks. Though I did manage to complete two versions of the reverb, of which their feedback was positive, I was unable to polish it up in the time that they needed. Instead, I will refashion it into a plug-in that I will offer up on my audio programming blog for free at some time in the near future.

Roel’s Ketchup

It has been great putting the finishing touches on Saints Row IV and getting it out the door. Reception has been excellent and the team is proud with spirits high. Although it has been more of a time of rest and relaxation, there has been a shift to DLC and developing next-gen audio tools. The future looks bright with many exciting things in the pipe.

Aside from work, I have been trying out different non-audio activities like horseback riding, hiking, and archery. Basically skills that will set me up nice for the zombie apocalypse.

Ariel’s Ketchup

Hey everyone! It’s great to talk to you again after such a lapse! I want you all to know that we haven’t completely dropped off. All of us at Creating Sound are always quacking behind the scenes to figure out what the best thing is to do with this web site. We’re still finding our way. We’re still figuring out how we can reduce the barrier of entry to getting content on this site for not just ourselves, but for future contributors like you. And we do have some ideas. Some are even good! Maybe.

Besides that, I’ve lined up a couple of cool articles and interviews from guest contributors, and I also have a couple articles of my own a-brewin’. I think you guys are going to like them.

And that’s it! Some ketchup for you guys to snack on.

Also, a friendly reminder that we’re always looking for people to contribute to the site. It doesn’t matter what flavor of audio you want to write about, we’re pretty open to all manner of subjects. Just contact any one of us and we’ll help you make it happen.

The Creating Sound Crew!