Before I launched Creating Sound I spent months filling the permanent sections with content. Eventually I felt like it was enough as a base and released the site to the public even though I knew it lacked information. That has been bugging me all along and eventually I asked the team if they would be willing to help me writing and structuring the sections.

Last month we met for the first time. Together we (Roel) built the base for a Game Audio tools section. Me and Ellen talked about the structure and how we could create a better overview in the future. Bryan started the section about DAWs which is not complete but released. You can see the result in Tools -> DAWs. So far we’ve added ACID Pro, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Pro Tools and Cubase.

Hopefully we’ll finish this section next month and can move on to the next. Game Audio Tools needs to be finished and before we hung up on Skype we talked about hardware possibly being the next step. We can’t cover everything but the least we can do is provide an overview of what’s available for people interested in sound design.

Thanks again to the team for taking your time to get this together.