When we have features I usually post an intro and a welcome the day before the week starts. Unfortunately I’ve been sick this weekend and haven’t been able to function properly. When I left my house to go to the university without my glasses I knew something wasn’t right. Luckily I only had to listen to the student’s work and basically knew the video by heart.

Ok, less about me, more about this week’s feature.

This week we’re happy to feature School of Video Game Audio. When I first heard about it the thing that came to my mind was “of course”. Game Audio is still a bit behind classic Linear Audio but it’s closing in fast. Leonard Paul is proof of that. If you want to work in Video Game Audio chances are you’ll not only create audio assets but implementing them as well. Middleware as Wwise and FMOD are taking over inhouse tools and even though you might not use either of them, the concept still applies.

George already posted the always innovative 3×5 interview to start things off. In addition to that Leonard will tell us more about the school, learning Video Game Audio and hopefully a sample video of student work.

I hope you will enjoy this week and if you feel the Video Game Audio itch, sign up for a course.