We are pleased to announce on CreatingSound.com the launch of our “Featured Students” page to highlight the projects of the students who have completed courses in the School of Video Game Audio:


Our first featured grad is Daniel Alarcón from San Jose, Costa Rica.  He has a great talent in game audio and we are very happy that he has produced such great work during his time with the school:

“I feel that the best thing about taking a course at the School of Video Game Audio was the personalised one to one relationship with an industry expert.”Daniel Alarcón

One student in each class is chosen as a featured student and they receive a 50% rebate on their course fee as a financial reward for their efforts.  In addition, their project is added to the featured students page which will be promoted to audio directors and others that hire within the game audio industry in the hope of matching great students with great companies in game audio.

Daniel’s featured project is from the Audiokinetic Wwise Demo Reel class and it shows how you can make an effective professional demo reel to showcase your game audio skills.  Daniel created all of his own music, the sound design, compiled a custom build of the game, implemented his interactive design in Wwise and edited the game map to add tags for the adaptive music design when constructing his demo reel.

We congratulate Daniel on his hard work and we wish him the best in the game audio field.  If you’re interested in making a similar demo reel then you might also want to look into the details of the school or have a look through the rest of his portfolio on his website.

The goal of the school is to help people become actively employed in the game industry and to help raise the artistry of game audio on a wide scale.  If you have any questions about the school you can ask them by the form on the school or you can ask Daniel about his experience directly on his site as well.