Paul Virostek over at has posted some great tips for achieving quality stealth field recordings. Instead of the standard bulky recording gear, why not try a more lightweight and covert approach? Who knows what unique textures unobtrusive recordings may uncover. Learn Virostek’s ways of the field recording ninja here.


Stealth recording is a perfect way to capture strong atmospheres. It’s my favourite of the four field recording techniques.

Field recordists use the stealth recording technique to document an atmosphere as purely as possible. If done correctly, a recordist will be unnoticed and the ambience will be untainted.

I started thinking about field recording differently when auditing a quantum mechanics course in university (I know, I know, bear with me). It introduced something called the observer effect. This idea states that the very act of observing or measuring something disturbs it in some way.

It’s the same with stealth recording. Your presence may taint the authentic nature of the atmosphere. People may react to you.

Because of this the recordist must be as inconspicuous as possible.