Plug-Ins have a wide variety of uses and have been largely responsible for making the production and creation of high-quality music accessible to more people by reducing, or all-out eliminating, the need for expensive (and I might add, space-consuming) external hardware.  Their application in game audio goes beyond the production of the audio assets, as now plug-ins are making their way into middleware and audio engines, as exemplified by iZotope providing a number of their audio DSP plug-ins for use in Audiokinetic’s Wwise.  I’ve been keeping a blog on the development of my own Match Envelope audio plug-in here: The Making of a Plug-In: Part 1

Having now completed my prototype, I want to first share some of the things I improved upon as well as new features I implemented.  One of the main features of the plug-in that I mentioned in part 1 was the match % parameter.  This effectively lets you control how strongly the envelope you’re matching affects the audio, and rather than being a linear effect, it is proportional to the difference between the amplitude of the envelope and the amplitude of the audio.