Hello audio friends! Did you know a wolf howl can look like a face?

In other news, I’m very excited to be joining the writing team here on Creating Sound! You may remember seeing my 3×5 interview recently, in which I revealed the secret behind my best eagle impression. My background is mostly in theater and live audio, with a passionate interest in games and other kinds of interactive storytelling experiences. I’m currently working at Meyer Sound, doing project/product management for some of our digital audio products, and I’m also actively involved in the AVnu Alliance.

In addition to writing about theatrical sound design, I’m also really interested in the crossover space between video games and live performances, in terms of the technology and tools used on either side, and how they affect both the design process and the final result.

If you want to hear a lot more detail about my background and current work, check out this podcast interview I did recently with Nathan Lively over at Sound Design Live: