The Sound Collector’s Club has a new theme:  Reactions: Small Crowd.   Like most SCC themes it is kind of specific idea or concept, here is a bit of the theme’s description:

I must emphasise that this theme is for crowd REACTIONS!  General chat tracks won’t be accepted unless they contain the reactions within, in which case it’s obviously counter-productive to remove the ‘vibe’ that surrounds the important boos, cheers, gasps, etc.

Membership is half-off for the rest of the month so this might be a great time to take the jump into this great collective resource.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Sound Collector’s Club here is a great explanation from their FAQ:

The Sound Collectors’ Club is basically a private account I’ve set up on Soundcloud.  The idea is that people can upload their recordings on a given monthly theme to this account via the dropbox above.  Once the recording or recordings have been transferred into that month’s ‘set’ I will e-mail you a private link which will give you direct access to all the tracks which that set contains and which you are free to download and use within commercial projects without any restriction (other than you obviously mustn’t go and sell them on as sound effects – individually or as libraries).