Making the rounds on Twitter’s #gameaudio hashtag is this wonderful post by Johan Jessen on audio in interactive design.  There are some great videos and quick tips that every sound designer of any field would do well to take a look at:

BMW, Mercedes, and Bang & Olufson are renowned for their work on audio design. When closing a CD-player on a B&O stereo it has a very distinct sound. Like Goldilocks the sound must not be too loud, or clunky, or plastic-y – it has to be just right. When you slam a door shot in a Mercedes it should sound like closing a heavy-duty safe – secure, purposeful, built to last. The sound may have nothing to do with the actual materials used. Yet, the audio designers must create sound, which hints the user of the implied quality of the product they operate. It’s part art and part science.

Johan has quite a few wonderful posts on his blog.  You can follow him on Twitter as well.