I hadn’t originally planned to release this as it was just a test run, but since everyone in the community here has been so supportive of my project that I wanted to give everyone a chance to hear a preview of some of the sounds. Over the past weekend I ran a test run of the foley recordings mostly to ensure my process was on point. I recorded the files using an NTG-2 in a Rode Blimp with all of the covering removed, and a Rode NT1a in the passenger seat roughly where a passenger’s head would sit. These were sent to inputs 1 and 2 of my Zoom H4n, which was recording at 96k and 24b. However, some of you may notice a terrible flaw — the preamps on the H4n are ridiculously noisey, and I’m trying to record very quiet switches — and you’d be right. I was not concerned for this test, though, as I was testing the process and not the results.

The interior of the 190E, all kitted up.

From there, I took all the files into Logic 9, trimmed out the unnecessary parts, normalized, and bounced. No editing nor EQ, which is how I plan to deliver the final effects. From there it was simply naming files. I wish I could afford a metadata program to further assist you guys, but for now it will have to be a very detailed notes sheet.

Yeah, it's in my garage.

One thing I did learn, is that even though I conducted the recordings at 2AM, there still was an oddly noticeable amount of traffic near me which did interrupt my recording sessions. I will be finding a more suitable location when the time comes to do the real recordings. Second is to be very aware of your breathing, as I unconsciously would breathe in through my nose (i.e. audibly) before performing an action. Lastly, keep your fingers in very good shape skin-wise as having dry skin will make extra noise on sliders and knobs.

I should have shaved beforehand...

So without further ado, I give you a preview!

Because these files were just for testing purposes and will not be appearing in the final pack, they have been uploaded for your enjoyment to Freesound.org under CC:Zero license.

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