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Interview with Simon Ashby

Hi Simon, to get things start can you tell us who you are, where you are from, and what you had for breakfast? I’m from

February 19, 2014 Interviews

DSP Audio Programming Series: Part 2

It’s been quite some time since part 1 of this series (all the way back in June of last year) where we looked at and

February 17, 2014 Audio Programming, Tutorials

3×5 Interview With Kyle Vande Slunt (Standing Wave)

Website | Twitter: @standingwave IN FIVES 1) In exactly five sentences, give us what you feel is important biographical information about your sonic background. As a

December 09, 2013 General, Interviews

A Few Things I’ve Learned In Six Years

Written by Josh Davidson

December 02, 2013 Game Audio

The Threshold of Pride and Shame

You’ve just entered production with a prioritized list of audio assets that you need to design. The ones at the top of the list are

September 22, 2013 Creativity

Wait Your Turn (VO Session Tips)

In light of the recent SUPER UPDATE TIME, the group has talked about doing shorter blog posts. After all, we’re not a large group and writing long

September 11, 2013 Creativity, Game Audio, VO

Super Update Time!

Dear audio friends hither and yon, it has been a while since we last spoke

September 03, 2013 Creativity

Sonic Backgrounds – Year 1 Review

A year ago today, Sonic Backgrounds was released as an interview series that focused on audio degree graduates and the curriculum they learned.  Since then,


Sonic Backgrounds – Sean Clouser

Fade In Name: Sean Clouser Age: 32 Company (or Freelance): Freelance for now.. will work for food Did you attend school for an audio-related degree?

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